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Coralville, IA

Dublin` Heat Sandwich


Sandwich Sides:Red Potatoes Kettle Chips Fries Mashed Potatoes Side Salad +$1Side Caesar Salad +$1Mac n' Cheese +$1No side Stir Fried Veggies +$1Cup Stew +$1Cup Soup +$1
On Side/No:No Dublin Heat Dublin on Side No Pickles Pickles on Side No Mayo Mayo on Side
Bread Choice:Pretzel Bun +$1Marbled Rye Sourdough No Bun/Bread
Extras:Red Potatoes +$4Kettle Chips +$4Fries +$4Roasted Corn Mashed Potatoes +$4Dinner Salad +$4Caesar Salad +$4Stir Fried Veggies +$4Mac n' Cheese +$4My GF's Not Hungry +$5
Additional Options:Salad First Soup First Refire On the Fly Xtra Basket
Burger Toppings:Mayo Add Bacon +$1.75Add Fried Egg +$1Impossible Burger +$3Second Patty +$3Add Avocado +$1Add Mushrooms +$1Extra Cheese +$1.50No LTOP No Lettuce No Toms No Onions No Pickles No Mayo Add LTOP Add Lettuce Add Toms Add Onions Add Pickles Add Sautéed Onions +$1
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